Garment Care

Washing Tips

Washing your lingerie properly will not only extend its life and save you money, it will also keep your lingerie looking like new for longer – avoiding pulled lace, bent under wires and worn straps! The methods identified below, while taking a little longer compared to placing in the automatic washer, will ensure the life and appearance of you lingerie items will be extended.

Hand Washing

If you’re passionate about lingerie (like the Rich Lingerie team), you’ll know doubt be aware that hand-washing is the best way to keep your under garments clean.

Compared to using your automatic washing machine, hand-washing will prolong their life and save the delicate lace from looking frayed and worn..

Use a detergent designed for your delicates diluted in warm (not hot!) water, swirl your lingerie around in the water to loosen any dirt, paying particular attention to the straps and under wires on bras.

Empty the used water and rinse your garments in cold water.

Press out any excess water taking care not to wring or twist. Lie on a flat surface on a towel.

Machine Washing

You can use your machine to wash your lingerie, however with a little extra caution should be used.

Warm/ Hot water can damage the elastic within your bras, if they get snagged on other clothes the under wire can be twisted and distort.

To avoid this use a lingerie bag to protect your underwear, try to wash your underwear with other clothes of similar colours and weight - tee shirts rather than jeans and jackets.

Utilise a cool setting and use a mild detergent. after the wash is complete reshape your garments while damp.

Avoid using the tumble dryer and try to dry your bras by laying on a towel on a flat surface