Fitting Guide

Wearing the correct sized bra is so important. It makes you feel good and look good: improving your posture, your confidence and the look of your clothes. 

We fit thousands of ladies in our shop each year and all too often ladies come to us wearing the wrong sized bra. So often ladies have bought bras too big in the back to get a large enough cup when the answer is a  smaller back size and bigger cup.To have a lady visit us wearing say a 36DD bra and leave us wearing a 32F is fantastic. I can’t tell you how great it is when ladies throw their bra in the bin, shout I now have boobs and a waist and bounce out of the shop!

Let's see if you are wearing the right sized bra?

The best approach is always to pay us a visit for a professional fitting and let us help you find the right size and style for you but we know this isn't always possible. For those of you who can’t visit us let’s start with a few simple checks.

Firstly is your breast spilling out of your bra? If so, the cup of your bra is too small.

Does the back of your bra sit snugly and horizontally with your boobs? If not, the back size of your bra is too big. Another way to check this is to stand in front of a mirror, put both arms in the air and see if your boobs poke out of the bottom of your bra. If they do the back size of your bra is too big.

Understanding your bra

Bras are made up of 2 measurements – back size and cup size and it is getting the interaction of these two measurements right that means you will have the correct fit. 

Deciding on the back size 

Whilst wearing a bra; measure yourself firmly around the body underneath your bust with a tape measure. It may be easier to get your partner or a friend to help you. I suggest you measure in inches as this makes the conversion to size easier.

If you measure between 30 – 38 inches then you will need to add between 1 – 2 inches depending on how tight you like your bra to fit. For instance, if you measure 33 inches you could try a size 34 or 36.

However, if you measure more than 38 inches only add sufficient to get you to an accepted bra size.  For instance, if you measured 41 inches you should try a 42 but if you measured 42 inches you should also try a 42.

Finding the cup size

It is very difficult to find the cup size using a tape measure. It is better to start with the bra you currently wear. The cup of your bra should totally encase your breast. If it is too small then you will have bulges and you will have a lumpy, uneven appearance under your clothes. If it is too large then the cup will be wrinkled at the sides and across the top.

If you find the cup of your bra is either too small or too large but the back size is correct then order a larger or smaller cup size. However, if the cup is correct and the back size is wrong please follow this simple rule. If you need to reduce the back by one size then the cup needs to increase by one size. Likewise if you need to increase the back size by one size you need to decrease the cup by one size. For example, the following three bras will all fit the same sized breast.

Going down… 36DD:34E:32F

Going up… 36DD:38D:40C

Moving on to knickers!

We stock from size XS to 10XL. The following table will help you decide your size.

Dress size















Knicker size















If in doubt please ring us on 0800C2JCUP  (0800 225287). We are always pleased to help.

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